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  • Pet Vacay: Hanrob Pet Hotels In Australia Launches Alternatives To Holiday Pet Care

We’re always looking for ways to please our pets. Whether it means making sure they eat the best quality diets, or ensuring that that they travel comfortably and also enjoy a safe pet vacay, pet parents will stop at nothing to make sure that their pet is a happy camper. A recent study by Hanrob Pet Hotels shows that that 80% of Australians would rather alter their travel plans, and sometimes even cancel them if they were not happy with their choices of pet care.

A tricky situation faced by many pet parents is deciding where to board your dogs when you’re leaving town. After relying on traditional kennels for many years, it’s difficult not to feel the angst when dropping Fido off. Thanks to the high quality experience offered by Hanrob Pet Hotels, pet parents can rest assured that their pets will get a uniquely tailored package to suit both pet parents and their pets. This includes exercise options, grooming, play time, aromatherapy baths and individual training programs that are individually geared with your dog in mind.

The ultimate goal is for pet parents to feel good about dropping their pets off for boarding, because they feel comfortable leaving them in the capable hands of fellow pet lovers, who will treat them with the same level of respect, care and understanding.

The study reveals that a majority of pet parents dislike the idea of leaving their pets with friends and family. They believed that they would not have enough time to spend with their dogs and look after them properly (28%). The Hanrob survey also shows how pet parents are concerned about their pets running away (52%).

At https://www.hanrob.com.au pet parents can reserve pet care services with the peace of mind that comes with the newly released Staying Connected Package, which includes Skype sessions, photo updates via digital pics (PetPics), and pre-recorded videos of your pet. (PetVideo). Hanrob Pet Hotels was founded by Andrew Biggs and was inspired by the overall desire to stay connected with pet parents while boarding. In addition to great boarding facilities, pet parents can also organize for dog training, 24-hour veterinary care, grooming, dog walking, play time and relaxing aromatherapy baths. This is boarding that is customized, affordable and convenient in more ways than one.

“As I have to travel to and from the airport frequently, the location of the pet hotel is ideal. Being involved with Hanrob means that Humphrey and I are part of a special, extended family. He is much more confident with his social skills, and has made many friends,” says Christine Connell, pet parent to Humphrey.

Many pet parents feel that their vacations are always overshadowed with the guilt and worry of leaving their pets behind, or someone not spending enough quality time with them. Hanrob presents the opportunity for all traveling pet parents to have a positive experience. They’ve provided a new way to solve every pet parent’s worry. Today, Americans are spending over 10 billion on pet boarding and other pet services. This global trend shows how important our pets have become.

“Going away is a breeze too with Hanrob’s Airport hotel location at Tullamarine.Finding Hanrob is the very best thing that has happened to us-I know absolutely that my gorgeous Jack is in the best of hands and having fun, so I am worry free,” says Diana Granger.

According to the Hanrob Pet Survey, 36% of pet parents felt their relationship with their pets was a unique and personal one. They wanted pet care that valued their relationships with their furry best friends and understood them. Knowing that your pet is well taken of is important because you’re leaving part of the family behind. All the staff at Hanrob are professional pet care providers, as well as dog lovers.

Many guests come for a pet vacay, while others will come in for a short stay for training sessions. Australian pet parents are always delighted with the outcome and the friends that their pets have made. Pets staying at the Hanrob will have a safe boarding environment in individualized care, 24-hour veterinary care, attention and individual pampering and play time and rates that won’t tally up to more than your own vacation rates.

Hanrob Pet Hotels encourages all dog lovers to go online and explore Australian travel with Hanrob. Next time you’re headed out of town and need to find that perfect spot for Fido, browse through Hanrob Pet Hotel’s company’s website which provides prices, availability, locations, home photos and plenty of great reviews. Prices for Fido’s accommodation start at $32.00 per day, and the Staying Connected package is available for $49.00. For more information visit https://www.hanrob.com.au/

— Claudia Bensimoun