Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) Pet Guidelines

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Seeing millions of travelers each year as the 3rd busiest airport in the United States, Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) takes pet care seriously with four pet potty areas that are easily accessible. Three of the areas are outdoors, making it a simple matter to find a spot for your pet no matter where on the airport grounds you are. However, there is only one indoor pet relief area to serve the entire airport, and it is located after you have passed through security. This could mean a trip back through security if the wait times are too long at the indoor relief area.

Where the pet relief areas are located at ORD

The three outdoor pet relief areas are located outside Terminals 1, 2, and 5, all on the lower level. The indoor pet relief area can be found in the Rotunda area of Terminal 3. Although spread out, the pet areas are clearly marked, making them easy to find wherever you are located. 

Terminal 1 – Find the elevator located between Doors 1B and 1C. Ride the elevator down to Baggage Claim. Use Door 1A to exit the terminal, and the pet relief area will be on your left.

ORD Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 1 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 2 – Locate the elevator between Doors 2D and 2E. Ride the elevator down to Baggage Claim and exit through Door 2E. You will find the relief area just outside the door to your right.

ORD Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 2 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 3 – For the indoor pet relief area, you need to go through the security checkpoint in any of the terminals. Follow the signs for the Rotunda in Terminal 3.

ORD Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 3 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 5 – Locate the elevator between Doors 5B and 5C. Ride the elevator down to Baggage Claim and exit the terminal through Door 5B. You will find the relief area just outside to your right.

ORD Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 5 - PetTravelCenter

What the pet relief areas in ORD look like

Your pet will love the outdoor pet relief areas. Outfitted with gravel, grass, and woodchips, your dog will feel right at home. There is also a spot for travelers to rest while they are waiting for Fido to do business. The indoor area features a fire hydrant and artificial grass. There is a sprinkler system in use that both cleans and eliminates waste. Although there are waste receptacles and baggies provided, you would be wise to carry your own in case the station is empty. Using these areas is the only time that your pet is permitted to be outside of their crate or carrier. Service dogs are exempt from this rule.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) Pet Guidelines - PetTravelCenter

Pets flying as cargo from/to ORD

If your furbaby is traveling as cargo to or from Chicago, O’Hare Airport requires you to pick them up and drop them off at the correct facility for your particular airline. For your convenience, all of the shipping facilities are located close together. The cargo areas are easily accessible by car—good news since the airport does not offer a shuttle service between the terminals and the cargo area. 

  • Lufthansa Cargo
    616 South Access Road, Chicago, IL 60666
  • Delta Cargo
    North Access Road, Building 613, Chicago, IL 60666
  • American Airlines Cargo
    610 North Access Road, Building 33, Chicago, IL 60666
  • United Cargo
    630 North Access Road, Chicago, IL 60666

More ORD Airport Pet Policies

Chicago Airport moves close to 2 million tons of cargo every year. That is quite a lot. This means that not only are they busy with passenger traffic, but they are constantly moving cargo in and out. When your dog needs to travel as cargo, you may feel better knowing that they are in the h ands of cargo experts! However, because they move so much, there can be significant wait times when picking up your pet. 

Even if it can be a bit of a hassle to get your pup picked up, the airport is very animal–friendly. Just remember to keep your dog in its carrier or crate at all times, unless you are going through security or taking advantage of the relief areas. There are no actual rules on how long you can spend at the pet relief areas, but as there is only one area located inside the Terminal, consider the needs of others when utilizing these areas. 

If you require more information on the pet policies at Chicago O’Hare International, the contact information for the airport is listed below:

10000 West O’Hare Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60666
(800) 832-6352

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