John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Pet Guidelines

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John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) boasts 7 pet relief areas. This makes JFK one of the best options in North America when you are considering pet-friendliness. This may be due in part to the fact that close to 60 million passengers use the airport each year. And with the high importance that we place on our pets, JFK is doing a great job keeping up with traveler pressures for improved access for pets.  

Each terminal has its own relief area for pets, thanks to the Air Carrier Access Act. This makes it simpler for passengers to find a quick potty palace without going to another Terminal. JFK distributes the pet relief areas with a mix of pre- and post-security, and indoors and outdoors.  

Where the pet relief areas are located at JFK

Because the airport is so massive, convenience is prioritized in every terminal, with no exception. With a little bit of foresight and some knowledge, you should easily find the designated pet relief areas. 

Terminal 1 – The pet relief area is located before the security checkpoint, just outside of the Arrivals area.

JFK pet relief area map - Terminal 1 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 2 – The pet relief area is located just after the security gates, right beside the Delta Sky Club and inside the Arrivals area.

JFK pet relief area map - Terminal 2 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 4 – This large pet relief area is on the other side of the security gate, in-between Gates 30 and 32. So you can find the right spot with ease, the door is uniquely marked with a paw print!

JFK pet relief area map - Terminal 4 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 5 – This terminal features 2 pet relief areas. The first one is located before security right beside baggage carousel 6, and the second is outdoors across from Gate 28 in the north end Arrivals area.

JFK pet relief area map - Terminal 5 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 7 – This pet relief area is located through the security checkpoint, closest to Gates 9 and 10, behind the Hudson News st and.

JFK pet relief area map - Terminal 7 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 8 – This pet relief area is a perfect oasis with a 1000 sq foot patch of real grass. It is located close to Gate 33, on the Middle Isl and just outside the Departures area.

JFK pet relief area map - Terminal 8 - PetTravelCenter

What the pet relief areas in JFK look like

JFK has outdone itself when it comes to outdoor pet relief stations. Their “Woof Top” in Terminal 5 is beyond anything you will have ever seen. Not only is this outdoor garden patio a spacious 4000 feet, but it is also for both pets and passengers! There are tables and seating for up to 50 people and a special large corner section with artificial grass designated for pets to play and relieve themselves. 

However, the indoor areas are not large or beautifully decorated, they do serve their purpose. What they do have to pique Fido’s curiosity are a couple of doggy fire hydrants and a patch of artificial grass. To assist with clean up, they also provide a hose. Depending on size, only one or two dogs can use the area simultaneously, so be prepared for a short wait if you are traveling during peak times. 

JFK itself is huge and somewhat puzzling, but pet parents should know that pet relief areas are nearby and always accessible 24/7. Additionally, all pet relief stations include waste receptacles and baggies for you to clean up after your pet. 

Familiarize yourself with these JFK pet guidelines to enjoy the sights  and sounds of JFK without having to worry about your pet's potty needs. - Pet Travel Center
Familiarize yourself with these JFK pet guidelines to enjoy the sights and sounds of JFK without having to worry about your pet’s potty needs.

Pets flying as cargo from JFK

If Fido is too big to fly with you in the cabin, he will need to travel as pet cargo. To make things easier for both you and your pet, JFK has a pet h andling facility right at the cargo terminal. Known as “The ARK,” this is a recent addition and offers kennel facilities, veterinary services. And it can h andle more than just dogs; don’t be surprised to see a zoo of exotic animals! All airlines, federal agencies, pet parents, and pet shippers can use the ARK 24/7.

Located in Building 78, The ARK also has some special features and amenities that pet parents will appreciate:

  • Located within easy distance of the aircrafts
  • Convenient parking
  • Van service to transport pets back and forth

They have 12 cat kennels, 47 dog kennels, a triage area for veterinarians, and an outdoor pet relief area for your pup.

More JFK Airport Pet Policies

With the large number of passengers and pets passing through there daily, it is important to remember that you must keep your pet in their crate or carrier unless you are going through security or your furbaby needs to relieve themselves. 

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