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If you love traveling but hate the idea of leaving your fur-children at home, there is one simple solution to your problem — a pet sitter! Unfortunately, it’s not easy to leave the pets we love in the care of strangers. This is where pet-sitting sites can help. But how do you know which site to choose? Here is our list of pet-sitting sites reviews and some of the best pet-sitting service providers that you can choose from.

1. Trusted House Sitters

Trusted House Sitters aims to let you travel confidently knowing that your home and pets are being safely watched over! To win that trust, all of their sitters are stringently checked and continually reviewed by users. Trusted House Sitters perform an in-depth background check on all their sitters, including criminal background checks. They also offer frequent travelers annual plans, which can be a convenient way to reduce costs if you find you’re often away from your pets. 

Trusted House Sitters background-checked sitters are located across the United States, and site membership starts as low as $10 per month both for the owners and sitters. And the great news is that you can check it all out free of charge — site registration won’t cost you anything. Only once you proceed to the booking process, you need to become a paying member. 

2. MindMyHouse

MindMyHouse has been protecting homes and pets all over the world since 2005. With over a decade and a half of experience, they have set the st andard in the field and are one of the most trusted names in the house and pet sitting industry. As with most sites, all their pet-sitters have had criminal background checks and are experts in keeping your house clean and secure! You can feel confident that your pets are getting the best care while you are away. 

MindMyHouse has lists of sitters located in North America and Europe. It is considered one of the cheapest house/pet sitters in the world. While membership for users looking for sitters is free, their fees start as low as $20 per year. The service is also more flexible than others; MindMyHouse allows the pet/house owners to decide the details of when and how to arrange payment for each pet-sitting job. 

3. Rover

Rover claims to be one of the largest house/pet sitting services in the United States. With its large network, Rover offers possibly the easiest and quickest service fur parents to source and book trusted pet-sitters online. Their mobile app and website help give you a quick look at house and pet-sitters near you. They have so many registered sitters that one Rover sitter gets booked almost every minute of the day!

Like many pet-sitting sites, Rover’s membership is free! Although when it comes to the nitty-gritty finances, Rover takes a 20% fee of the overall booking cost. You will need to check whether this is a better fit for you than a paid membership site with lower fees. The service cost varies by location, dem and, the size of your pets, and the number of other services you may need while away. 

Be confident in finding the right pet sitter for you by looking on reputable pet-sitting review sites. - PetTravelCenter
Be confident in finding the right pet sitter for you by looking on reputable pet-sitting review sites.

4. Care.com

Care.com is another pool of diverse service providers — they offer other services as well while you’re away, so they can be your one-stop for all your care needs! They have lists of trusted babysitters, carers for the elderly, and even houseplant care. The site is especially useful for pet owners who also have kids or elderly parents at home. At Care.com, special care and services are given to your loved ones while you are away. This gives you comfort and security that not only your house but your loved ones are being cared for, too!

Care.com has registered carers all across the country, and their membership starts at $40 per month. However, if you register for an annual membership, you can get as low as $13 monthly. 

5. Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care is unique in its way of selecting a perfect sitter for you: Fetch! Pet Care personally evaluates your needs and matches them with the perfect sitter for your home and pets. For added security and comfort, Fetch! Pet Care schedules a consultation so you can set some arrangements with the sitter and find out if you two are a perfect match! 

All Fetch! Pet Care sitters undergo criminal background checks and receive careful training to give your home and your pet the best comfort while you are away. If you miss your furry friends, your Fetch! Pet Care sitter can keep you updated via SMS. This way, you would not suffer from too much separation anxiety from your beloved pup, kitty, or your exotic pet. Fetch! Pet Care also offers other pet care services such as dog walking and occasional night visits (if you have a party to go to, for example) so you can be away from home for longer without worrying about your pet’s safety. 

Even though we are all responsible and loving pet owners, we’re sometimes forced to be separated from our loving animals. So if you have an upcoming trip, unscheduled long meetings at work, or you need a regular dog-walker, check out the pet-sitting websites listed above and find the perfect one for all of your needs.

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