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Since there is an increase in the number of people getting pets, many are also bringing their furry friends wherever they go, and yes, that includes traveling. While many hotels and other forms of accommodations are too expensive for most pet owners, some take their pet-friendly approach to the next level by offering their services for free! Here, we will expose hotels that welcome our four-legged friends free of charge! So take note, and know which no or low pet fee hotel chains to look for next time you and your buddy want to go on a road trip.

Aloft Hotels

As part of the Marriott hotels, Aloft welcomes their four-legged guests with open arms and offers their services and accommodation for free! With their Animals Are Fun Program (ARF), the hotel provides their four-legged friends dog beds, food bowls, and even treats and dog toys which are all for free! Their hotel policies allow dogs under 40 pounds; however, the hotel is open for a waiver if you have larger dogs. 

You can check their locations and hotel policies for more information. 

Kimpton Hotels

Being a member of InterContinental Hotels, Kimpton is another advocate for animal welfare. They welcome the four-legged visitors and scaly and feathery guests who chose to stay in their hotel. As part of their services, the Kimpton staff provides your pets the comfort they need by offering complimentary amenities such as food, treats, beds, and food bowls. They even have a Director of Pet Relations to further cater to the needs of your pets during your entire stay at their hotel! 

Check out their pet hotel policies and locations if you want to book a reservation with them! 

Motel 6

Motel 6 has been in the hotel business for more than 50 years, and it is the first national hotel chain to welcome pets. Being a no-frills hotel, Motel 6 has numerous customer complaints regarding its inconsistent behavior, which compromises their br and’s popularity. However, Motel 6 is a convenient, budget-friendly, and pet-friendly hotel option close to most cities. Under the Motel 6 pet policy, two feline and canine companions are allowed per room, and both should not weigh more than 150 pounds. Their accommodation is, of course, for free! 

Check which Motel 6 is near you and find out more about their pet policy.

Red Roof Inns

Pet-friendly travel has never been more accessible with Red Roof Inns. Pets are not charged additional fees, of course! But the most amazing is that they will even give you back 10% of your reservation fee if you bring your four-legged companion in your stay! Now, that’s a bonus for most fur parents out there! 

Red Roof Inns only allow one pet per room, and pet owners may pay extra charges for additional pets. Check how much your pets weigh because Red Roof Inns only allow 80-pound (or less) pets in the room! 

Red Roof Inns have more than 500 branches in 36 states, so check which one you prefer and review their hotel pet policy before traveling! 

Virgin Hotels

Virgin Hotel has recently entered the pet-friendly hotel market, and the chain’s locations include Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, and San Francisco, with more to come. It will not surprise you to learn that Virgin staff are fans of furry companions, and pet owners are sure to find the accommodations as warm and inviting as their human counterparts. Upon arriving, your pets will be given a very chic b andana as a welcome gesture; they will also be given their food bowls, beds, some toys, food, and of course, treats! 

Virgin Hotels have some branches in Las Vegas, but more are opening soon! To keep yourself updated, visit their site and review their hotel pet policy.

No or Low Pet Fee Hotel Chains - Aloft Hotels - Kimpton Hotels - Motel 6 - Red Roof Inn - Virgin Hotels - PetTravelCenter
These five hotel chains (Aloft Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, and Virgin Hotels) offer no or low pet fees for your stay with your favorite furry friend.

La Quintana Hotels 

A constant pet traveler might be shocked to know that La Quinta hotels are not among hotels that welcome furry guests to stay for free. Pet-friendly La Quinta hotels have been popular for decades, allowing up to two canine or feline companions per room. However, with the purchase by Wyndham Hotels in 2018, everything changed; La Quinta started charging rates from $20-$40 per night with pet accommodation. 

If you wish to bring your pet with you during your stay, please call directly to the hotel to know more about its pet policy.

Share the Fun at Pet-friendly Hotels

Traveling with your pets can be challenging, but we cannot just afford to leave them alone in the house while we celebrate and have fun somewhere else. Knowing the perfect hotel for you and your pets is necessary, especially if you wish to stay at a place longer. It’s worth to invest the time to plan ahead and see if your desired destination features no or low pet fee hotel chains. After all, having our furry companions during our trips doubles the fun! 

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