McCarran International Airport (LAS) Pet Guidelines

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If you are traveling with your pet, it is crucial to note places where you and your pets can relax and do their business. Pet relief areas help them take off stress from long hours of travel and give them their much-needed rest. If you are passing through McCarran International Airport (LAS) with your pet, here is some information on the airport’s pet relief areas, the locations of their pet cargos, and their pet policies.

Where the pet relief areas are located at LAS

You do not have to worry about places where you can relieve your pets’ needs because McCarran International Airport has provisions for these areas. The airport has outdoor areas where you can relax with your pets as they relieve themselves.

Terminal 1, Level 1 Check-in and Baggage claim – Specifically, this is at Door 30 just outside of their security station at Terminal 1 Gates A, B, and C.

Terminal 1, Ticketing station Gates A, B, and C – You’ll find this at Door 13, outside Security, Level 1, near the Check-in and Baggage claim stations.

LAS Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 1 - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 1, Post Security, Gates A, B, and C – After security, there is one service dog relief area located near Gate C25.

LAS Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 1 C Gates - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 3, Departures – A service dog relief area is located new Gate E11. 

LAS Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 3 Departures - PetTravelCenter

Terminal 3, Arrivals – This relief area is at Level 0 Tram and Baggage Claim Stations near the Curbside. 

LAS Pet Relief Area Map - Terminal 3 Arrivals - PetTravelCenter

D Gates – You will find a service dog relief area after security, near the kids play area.

LAS Pet Relief Area Map - D Gates - PetTravelCenter

You can always ask for assistance from your airline representative or staff to guide you to their pet relief areas for more details.

Pets flying as cargo from LAS

If you are flying with your pet, you can enjoy each other’s company if they are small in size and can fit under your cabin seat. However, if your pet cannot travel with you in the cabin, you may need to use the cargo option. McCarran International Airport has specific and designated pick-up locations for pets in cargo. These locations may not be in the same building where you arrive, but they are still on the same campus. 

McCarran International Airport is in coordination with Marnell Air Cargo Center, located under a mile away from McCarran’s main building. Dropping your pet at the cargo center is relatively easy, but picking them up may be quite a challenge. If you plan on picking your pet directly at McCarran airport, there are some arrangements that you have to plan at the Marnell Air Cargo Center. This arrangement is ideal since no transportation is available to take you from the airport’s main building to the cargo center. 

Always check the weather before flying with your pet since flying under scorching heat could be very dangerous for your furry friend. Make sure that the weather is lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the day of your travel.

Here are some airlines’ pet cargo locations at McCarran International Airport:

  • United Airlines Cargo
    6055 Survey Street, #110
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    702 261 5253
  • Delta Airlines Cargo
    6055 Surrey Street, #117
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    800 352 2746
  • Southwest Airlines Cargo
    6055 Surrey Street, #121
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
McCarran International Airport (LAS) Pet Guidelines - PetTravelCenter
Get to know the pet guidelines and pet relief areas when traveling from and to McCarran International Airport (LAS) with your pet.

Important reminders when traveling your pet as cargo

If you decide to travel your pet as cargo, you have to make sure that your pet’s cage is 3 to 4 times their size so they can st and up and stretch their legs. Make sure that there is plenty of water for your pet to access during the entire flight. Also, leave your pet their favorite treat, toy, or blanket for their comfort. You may also inform the pilot that an animal is traveling and request enough ventilation during the entire flight for added convenience for your pet. 

More LAS Airport pet policies

Although McCarran International Airport is not huge, it is one of the busiest and most pet-friendly airports worldwide. However, their pet policy is not directly stated on their website, and non-service animals have to stay in their crates or cages for the entire duration of their travels for the safety and security of all passengers.

As a fur parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is safe and secured during your flight. It is, therefore, wise to know all airport rules and regulations before you cross borders. 

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