Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Pet Guidelines

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As one of the more welcoming airports in the United States, Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) features five animal relief stations for the convenience of passengers traveling with pets. Three are located inside the Terminal, and the other two are conveniently located just outside the main Terminal.

Where the pet relief areas are located at SEA

Regardless of your current position in the airport, the central placement of the pet relief areas and the interterminal train means that you should be able to reach a potty area within a couple of minutes.

If you have already passed through the security checkpoint, but your pet needs a potty break, you will need to find one of the pet relief areas located inside the airport.

Central Terminal / Concourse B – You will find one such area on Concourse B, just before the exit. Search for the Hudson News shop and head directly across the building.

SEA Pet Relief Area Map - Concourse B - PetTravelCenter

South Satellite – On the Subway level of the South Satellite is the second pet relief area. Walk to the escalators and look for the signs directing you to the potty area.

SEA Pet Relief Area Map - South Satellite - PetTravelCenter

Concourse D – Another pet relief area is also on the Subway level near the platform for the North Satellite. Find the yellow wall near the D Gates and follow the posted signs.

SEA Pet Relief Area Map - Concourse D - PetTravelCenter

To access the outdoor pet relief areas, determine whether you are closest to the Baggage Claim level or the Alaska Airlines Ticketing level.

Ticketing Level – For travelers closest to Alaska Airlines, follow the signs to Door 33 and exit the Terminal directly into the pet relief area.

SEA Pet Relief Area Map - Ticketing Level - PetTravelCenter

Baggage Claim – If you are at the south end of the airport, go past Carousel 1 on the Baggage Claim level and follow the signs located near Door 00/02.

SEA Pet Relief Area Map - Baggage Claim - PetTravelCenter

What the pet relief areas in SEA look like

Each of the three indoor pet relief areas is stocked with everything you need for Fido. Along with trash receptacles and plastic waste bags, you will find paper towels and h and sanitizer. It is recommended that you carry waste bags with you just in case the station in the pet relief area is empty.

The two outdoor pet relief areas are spacious and feature real grass. If time permits, you will be able to let your pet stretch their legs and do some exploring before it is time to enter the terminal.

Although Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is pet friendly, it's wise to know their pet guidelines  and locations of pet relief areas before entering the airport. - PetTravelCenter
Although Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is pet friendly, it’s wise to know their pet guidelines and locations of pet relief areas before entering the airport.

Pets flying as cargo from SEA

If you are lucky enough to be flying on an airline that allows passengers to fly their pets as checked luggage, you can h and your pet over while you are checking in. Always verify with the airline to see what their policies are. 

If your chosen airline flies pets as cargo only, you will need to drop your furbaby off at the airline’s cargo terminal. The cargo area is quite expansive, but there is a planned expansion in the works that will see more cargo carriers for passengers’ convenience. Also available in the cargo area are federal assessment services for the US Fish & Wildlife Department, the USDA, and Customs. Having these available has seen the Seattle–Tacoma airport become a common destination for live animal transporting and global pet travel.

  • Alaska Air Cargo
    2600 S 165th St, SeaTac, WA 98158
    (800) 225-2752 
  • Delta Airlines Cargo
    18627 28th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98158
    (800) 352-2746 
  • Southwest Airlines Cargo
    16215 Air Cargo Rd, Seattle, WA 98158
    (800) 533-1222 
  • United Airlines Cargo
    2230 S 161st St #200, SeaTac, WA 98158
    (206) 433-4221 

More SEA Pet Policies 

While they may not have the largest number of pet relief areas, the way the pet relief stations are designed makes it easy for travelers to find the nearest one quickly. One of the best things about SEA is the amount of information available regarding pet policies, cargo areas, airlines, and relief areas.

Unless your pup is going through security or using one of the pet relief areas, airport policy states that they must be in an approved carrier or crate. The exception is service animals and working dogs, although they must still be leashed. It is also worth noting that pet parents must clean up after their animals once they have done their business.

For travelers who plan on spending the night, there is a pet-friendly hotel located near the airport. This is convenient for pet parents who do not feel comfortable boarding their animals while waiting for their flight.

If you require further information about the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA) pet guidelines, you can contact SEA using the phone number and address below:

17801 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98158

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