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Cat_in_tree2.jpg‘Tis the season for glitter, tinsel, toys, and delectable food. But did you know all of these things can be hazardous — even deadly — to your pet?

Gift wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and faux snow are pretty to look at and may be particularly intriguing to your pet, but they can also be swallowed or caught around your pet’s neck. Tree tinsel and small parts from children’s toys can also end up in the wrong mouth and become lodged in the throat, causing your pet to choke to death.

Be sure to hang tree decorations out of reach, as ornament hooks can also be a choking hazard. And make sure your Christmas tree is well secured. Cats are inquisitive and love to climb. They can easily become entangled in strands of lights, knocking the tree over.

Holiday plants such as mistletoe, holly and poinsettia can be deadly to animals. Make sure these are well out of reach of pets. Holiday candles should also be kept out of harm’s way.

While there may be plenty of food in your home this time of year, avoid feeding your pet things such as turkey or other types of poultry that may have bones. And never give your pet chocolate. A substance called theobromine is in chocolate and can be toxic to pets.

Be careful when winterizing your automobiles. Spilled anti-freeze can have a sweet taste to pets, but can be especially dangerous if ingested, even fatal. The location of other household chemicals should be checked to be sure they don’t pose a potential hazard.

By keeping these tips in mind and using common sense, you can help keep your pets safe during the holidays.

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