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Imagine your dog running through gorgeous green fields, exploring nose-down as fast as possible, catching all the smells of the earth – being the happiest dog alive! That’s what a dog vacation at Glen Highl and Farm Canine Country Getaway looks like. Nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York, canines and humans delight in discovering an off-leash paradise designed just for them to enjoy. But, this unique dog lover’s vacation does good, too!

As you and your dog frolic through 175 acres of countryside, you can feel great knowing that your camp fee is helping dogs that are a part of the year-round rescue program at Glen Highl and Farm (GHF). Your vacation dollars go directly to the dogs! Sweet Border Collie Rescue is on premises in a separate section of Glen Highl and Farm, housing up to 40 dogs waiting for their forever homes. The rescue effort has led to the successful rehoming of over 1600 Border Collies to date. This misunderstood and high-energy breed endlessly l ands in rescue. The beautiful little puppy never outgrows the need for a job, no matter what age and not everyone has the lifestyle that suits the mentality of an active working dog so the rescue program at GHF is always full.

The beauty of the Canine Country Getaway is that all the spots that you and your dog love, were created by the rescue dogs! They use the trails and fields for hiking too so every spot truly was designed by dogs FOR dogs! The l and at Glen Highl and Farm was once home to the Iroquois Indians who lived near the beautiful Butternut Creek, a curvy stream filled with trout, abundant wildlife, endangered butterflies and birds. The Creek winds through 175 acres of rolling meadows and winding trails and a 2-acre spring-fed pond, all perfect surroundings for you to enjoy a great vacation at the same time your dog enjoys an outdoor adventure.

The Canine Country Getaway has lodging accommodations to fit every budget. Feeling adventurous? Stay creek side in a spacious tent that will redefine how you think about tent camping. Want room to stretch out after a long day on the trail? Stay in one of the well-appointed cabins or cottages, or for the ultimate in convenience, privacy and luxurious comfort in the country, there is a wide selection of RVs to rent. The lodging rental fees cover not just accommodations, but also your enjoyment of the property that includes full use of the dining pavilion, pantry, bathroom & shower facilities, rest areas, agility field equipment, the Farm’s trails, the winding creek, the pond and acres of fields and meadows. We provide the perfect backdrop for hiking, swimming and wading, playing fetch, bird watching, relaxing, napping, and more. Plus, there are bike routes for back-road country biking with gorgeous vistas of open l and. And, for those who love fishing, there is a spring fed pond filled with trout and bass as part of our catch and release fishing at GHF.

A dog on vacation running through green fields at Glen Highl and Farm
A dog on vacation running through green fields at Glen Highl and Farm.

With 175 acres to roam, you and your dog will feel as though you have the Farm all to your own to explore. It’s a very unique vacation experience to have so much l and and so few people because dogs can enjoy it all off-leash! Even when the Getaway is fully booked, it’s very private with a maximum of 5-18 adult guests. Guests travel with their dog(s) from as far away as Canada, California and Florida! Some guests make a dog vacation at Glen Highl and Farm their main attraction while others pass through while traveling. Read what a few guests have had to say:

For the past three years, we’ve gladly driven 10 hours to spend a few days of pure bliss at Glen Highl and Farm’s Canine Country Getaway. We enjoy cooking over a wood fire, roasting marshmallows, exploring the fields, and relaxing in hammocks next to the bubbling stream. The comfortable cabins and hot showers turn this into a luxury vacation. For the dogs… it’s paradise. At Glen Highl and Farm, our dogs can just “be”. They can run, swim, and sleep to their hearts’ content. It’s not just a vacation with our dogs, it’s a vacation FOR our dogs. Bless you, for giving us the chance to see what pure joy looks like on a dog’s face.


Every year I always make sure I go to the farm for my birthday. It is my gift to myself and of course my dogs. They absolutely without a doubt, love love love it here. I hate to leave when the time comes! This year, as with all others was just great, It is wonderful to see your dog just be a dog and have the time of their lives. 


FIDO Friendly, a popular dog travel and lifestyle magazine, polled their readers about favorite places to go with their dog on trips and vacations. The January 2011 issue of the Top 50 Fido-Friendly Destinations featured the Canine Country Getaway at number 2!

Make vacation plans that you and your dog can enjoy together! Come to Glen Highl and Farm’s Canine Country Getaway!

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