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One of the trickiest things to consider when planning a trip with your cat is hotel booking. It’s easy enough to find pet-friendly hotels, but we’re all quite aware of the unspoken impression that “pet-friendly“ means “dog-friendly.” 

It might be uncommon seeing cats on vacation, but as unusual as it may be, some cats are fans of traveling too!

If you’re having trouble finding hotels that are as warm to felines as they are with any other domestic creatures, then you’re in luck. Our list of cat-friendly hotel chains will give your feline queens and kings the no-fuss accommodation they deserve. 

Cat-Friendly Hotels

Kimpton Hotels

One of the best-known hotel chains that bags the “pet-friendly award” is Kimpton Hotels.

This hotel chain welcomes all pets, regardless of size, breed, or even number, “as long as they fit the door,” as they say. The best thing about Kimpton is that they offer their amenities with absolutely no additional fees or deposits.

Special amenities such as comfy pet beds, bowls, pet mats, and treats may also be requested upon check-in. They go the extra mile in ensuring that your furry companions have the best time of their lives while within the hotel’s parameters. 

La Quinta by Wyndham Hotels

With the number of La Quinta Hotels across North America, you can be sure to find a home away from home. This hotel chain is scattered along major highways and nearby towns and cities. The chain has decent amenities and is clean, comfortable, and pleasant, yet pocket-friendly. 

Most La Quinta hotels welcome a maximum of two pets per room. Note, however, that some La Quinta hotels impose weight limit restrictions while some branches don’t allow pets altogether. 

So before you hit the reserve button, take a good look first at their pet admission policy. Moreover, be ready to shoulder a pet fee of $20-$40 per night. 

Loews Hotels

Loews Hotels puts the “paw” in “pawfection” when accommodating pets. Their 27 properties in the U.S. and Canada will surely fill the hearts of loving pet owners as your stay is completed with special perks for your four-legged family members.

Cat-friendly amenities offered by the chain are provided upon check-in. These include litter boxes, scoopers, food bowls, and even scratching posts! Other pet-perks include gourmet room service menus for cats and dogs, specialized beddings, and a list of nearby pet-friendly cafes and restaurants. You can even find local pet sitters in your room service menu in some locations. 

Loews can only accommodate a maximum of two pets per room, and they require proof of updated vaccinations. Pet accommodation rates vary for each location, so check the policy details of your preferred location before anything else.

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Marriott Hotels

Almost every major city in North America and Canada has a pet-friendly Marriott International hotel chain. 

While each property has its pet policy, the common standard is that up to two small cats are allowed for a fee ranging from $15 to $250 per night. However, there are restrictions based on pet size and weight, which depend on the individual property.

Extended Stay America

If you’re looking for a place to settle in long-term, Extended Stay America is the perfect place for you and your feline friend. 

Extended Stay Hotels offers a spacious and elegant space that mimics home comfort. You and your pet can pamper yourselves at their 630 locations, and you’re free to bring up to two pets per suite. 

Note that their pet fees vary depending on location for purposes of cleaning and fumigation, but no need to pay if your friendly feline also doubles as your assistance animal. Height and length restrictions are imposed, so if your cat exceeds the 36 inches length and height requirement, contact the property manager for approval first. 

Before Bringing Your Cat On a Staycation

It’s always a treat to travel with your feline friends, but we should always look for what is most convenient for our four-legged family members as responsible pet owners. First and foremost, make sure your cat will be comfortable and calm while traveling and does not suffer from stress or any other travel-related discomforts. Plan ahead. Prepare your furry friend with proper gear and routines to make their travel experience as smooth as possible.

And before making a reservation, be sure to study your prospective hotel to see that they have the proper amenities for you and your cat. Having the right amenities can spell all the difference between a memorable vacation and an anxious one. 

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