Best Social Networking Apps For Your Pet

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A new craze connects folks with their furry friends, helping them make a difference. It’s called Petworking. Like humans connect and share on social networks, there are various applications with networking opportunities for pets. Obviously, while it’s not actually pets chatting and sharing pics in these apps, their owners connect with other pet owners, share unforgettable moments and find help in taking care of their furry friends. You may find last-minute pet sitters, dog walkers, or pet grooming services within these apps.

Below we have listed some of the best social networking apps for your pet.


Pet-sitting exchanges where dog owners take turns sitting your pooch in return for money in a loving and caring home. Use Pawesome to advertise for pet sitting, and someone might hire you. Take walks with your pet, date a pet lover, or hang out! 

Pawesome supports all sorts of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. 

Petworking App - Pawsome


PetBacker enables pet owners to connect with loving dog walkers, pet sitters, pet boarding, groomers & other pet care professionals in all major cities. PetBacker can also help you find dependable pet sitters who can board your dogs & cats in minutes. Dog Walkers can upload your pets’ photos and arrange grooming, daycare, and spa services. By taking advantage of this service, dogs and cats will receive pampering for no cost.

Petworking App - PetBacker

Doggy Buddies

Dog parents can find pet-sitting services through Doggy Buddies that connect them with animal-loving neighbors. It operates similar to Airbnb, with “hosts” caring for animals, providing them with care, attention, and a place to stay. In addition to grooming and transportation, hosts also offer other services, such as walking. If you are looking for a pet host, you can view their profile to see their experience and their pictures. These recommendations can help you determine who’s a good match for your pet. Its service has its customer service department for pet owners and hosts. 

Petworking App - Doggy Buddy


Experience the purrfect hospitality at Meowtel! The Meowtel platform allows you to search, find, and book trustworthy in-home cat sitters who have been vetted 5-steps in advance and are fully insured. Some sitters can take care of your cats’ specific needs, whether kittens, seniors, diabetic cats, or healthy adults. Each visit, your pet receives a meal, a refreshment of their water bowl, litter box cleaning, medication management (if needed), and plenty of playtimes. Once per week, your cat sitter will let you know the kitties are having a purrfect staycation at home. You will also receive text updates and at least one photo or video.

Petworking App - Meowtel


A social network called Yummypets is for people who have a solid connection to pets. People who love pets will find Yummypets the best social network. Stay up-to-date on the animal world while keeping in touch with your veterinarian and watching hilarious videos of furry loved ones. Let your friends see your pet’s love for them with your photos and videos.  

Petworking App - Yummypets


Dokonoko is the social network for pet owners worldwide — a place to watch your pet grow as you upload posts into their own “book”. Targeted mostly towards dogs and cats, you can find your friendly four-legged neighbors thanks to a map feature. And best of all, a missing pet section within the app will alert you if someone lost their loved pet.

Petworking App - Dokonoko

Social network knows no boundaries

Pets are busy on their social networking apps. Animals like cats, dogs, fish, and snakes can use them. While Facebook and Instagram are the front-runners for social networking apps, their features are built with humans in mind. Pet owners can use the above-mentioned petworking apps that specifically cater to pet (owner) needs. Quickly and easily publish and share awesome pet moments and find pet-related services in no time. Download your new networking app for your pet and get social.

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