Safe Summer Trip for Your Pet

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Summer is just around the corner, and many of us want to continue our vacation plans with our family’s furry members. Here are a few tips for a safe summer trip for your pet:

Plan ahead of time

You should plan all of your activities ahead of time. First, you need to call your destination’s hotel to see if they allow pets. Confirm this first to make any necessary adjustments (change of hotels or accommodation) if they do not allow pets during your stay.

Always make sure that your pet has its updated dog tag and chip. If you are traveling outside of the city or country, it would be best to add more information to your pet’s tag, such as your place and contact information. 

Pack all your pet’s necessities

Make sure to bring your pet’s dog bowls, dog food, and treats. Also, bring your dog’s toys and blankets (or dog bed) so that your dog still has the familiar smell of your home. Remember, being in a strange place can be stressful for your pets, so having their favorite toys and belongings will be comforting.

As part of the safety precautions, bring a first aid kit for both you and your pets. 

On the day of travel

If you wish to have a well-behaved and sleeping pet during your travel, it is best to give your furry friend plenty of exercise and physical activity. A tired pet is a happy pet and will most likely sleep during your trip. 

If you are traveling by l and, make sure to plan quick stops to let your pet relieve themselves, and don’t forget to bring some waste bags. Most dogs get carsick, so it is best to avoid giving your pets some food at least the night before your road trip. However, if your pet cannot be on dietary fasting, consult your local vet for a prescription to aid in your dog’s carsickness. 

For your and your pet’s safety during car rides, restrain your pet during your trip. You can restrain your pets by putting them in a pet seat, carrier, or crate. An unrestrained pet may distract you while driving, which may result in an accident. 

Whenever you plan on a vacation to a domestic or international destination with your pet, the preparations can be a little bit overwhelming. So it is a good idea to get a pet travel agent to help you prepare for your pet’s travel. 

Preparation is key to ensure a safe summer trip for your pet  and may require help from a pet travel agent. - PetTravelCenter
Preparation is key to ensure a safe summer trip for your pet and may require help from a pet travel agent.

What does a pet travel agent do?

Just like any other human travel agent, a pet travel agent will take care of all of your pet’s needs when traveling locally and internationally. They can help you with all the necessary preparations for your pet’s travel. 

In particular, during trips involving flying, a pet travel agent ensures your pet’s welfare and safety throughout the flight duration. A few of their responsibilities are:

  • They make all the necessary arrangements for your pets (no matter if it’s for cats, dogs, turtles, pigs, etc.).
  • If you, as the pet owner, want your pets to be traveling on the same flight with you, the travel agent will search for the most convenient flights that allow the pet on board.
  • Whether traveling for a vacation or moving, a pet travel agent will assist you from start to finish.
  • However, most of the flights for pets are usually separate from their owners. Pet travel agents will make all the necessary reservations for the transport.
  • Pet travel agents also make the required medical arrangements for your pets to have their Health Certificate, which is needed ten days before departure. 
  • Pet travel agents also comply with the necessary legal and medical requirements needed to travel internationally. 

Your pet travel agents will coordinate with all the needed services so that you can focus on your travel plans yourself. Getting a professional pet travel agent ensures that you and your pets will safely arrive at your destination. Are you now considering a pet travel agent in your upcoming vacation? Explore your options to ensure a safe summer trip for you and your pet. 

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