Pet Travel Trends: Keeping Your Pets Safe

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Pet safety is a hot topic, mainly when it comes to pet travel and accommodation. Pet parents prove their concern for their pet’s safety with their quest for pet friendly accommodation, 24-hour veterinary care, on-site dog training, aromatherapy baths and of course well-supervised playtime for their pooches are today’s norms. It seems only right that people equate dogs as family members, causing an increase in pet travel trends to keep the pets safe. Families with children and pets make up a large portion of the population and yes, everyone’s busy. So how do pet parents keep their lives simple when traveling and save time?

A recent 2011, Hanrob Pet Hotel survey demonstrated that 80.1% of Australian pet owners would rather change or cancel their travel plans if they couldn’t find suitable accommodation for their furry best friends. According to Hanrob Pet Owner Travel Survey data, 40.4% of pet owners were concerned their friends or family wouldn’t have enough time to look after their pet properly. This “panic” driven fear drives most dog owners to reconsider their travel plans, and to sometimes make a reservation with a kennel out of their comfort zone. Hanrob Pet Hotels helps to eliminate this travel concern for all pet parents.

Dog owners today can now travel with their pets and feel comfortable leaving their pets at Hanrob. The Travel Industry in the US estimates that 30 million pet owner’s travel with their pets each year. With so many of our furry best friends traveling, it only makes sense to dem and a tailored, unique experience that will very much benefit your pets. Veterinary Pet Insurance Co suggests that pet owners consider their pet’s personality to determine if their four legged friends will be content in surroundings outside of their comfort zone.

According to the Hanrob Pet Owner Survey, 36.0% of an owner’s relationship with their pets is incredibly unique and personal, meaning those specific pet care requirements aren’t as well understood by others. If you’re thinking about taking your dog with you when you travel for business, instead of leaving him behind, it’s a good idea to make sure that your pets will stay in a comfortable, safe and happy place. A brief discussion with your veterinarian about travel plans, vaccines and a clean bill of health needs to take place prior to air travel. Traveling by air requires attention to the smallest detail, from a clean bill of health to the size of his crate and finally to finding safe pet boarding.

A dog on holiday at the Hanrob Pet Hotel peeking through the sheets
A dog on holiday at the Hanrob Pet Hotel peeking through the sheets.

Research demonstrates that 48% of pet parents value the opportunity to spend quality time with their furry friends before going on a business trip, or leaving for the holidays.
Planning a trip with your pooch is as easy as finding the Hanrob Pet Hotel website. There is an extensive pet-friendly link helping you determine what activities you wish to include for your dog’s stay and information on dog training and pet limo services to and from the airport for your family, dropping you and your luggage at the airport, then taking Fido to his hotel, where a pet friendly staff member will be waiting to greet him.

What sets Hanrob apart from the pack is that their staff, whether they are dog trainers, veterinarians, groomers or dog walkers, really make the dog’s needs a first priority, doubling down on their commitment to the pet travel trends to keep pets safe. Like their free Skype and photo updates, there is plenty to bark about at these kennels.

With 30.8% of pet owners that would consider buying their pet a gift if they went away on a trip, and with over 44% of pet owners earning over $100,000 yearly, pet parents are dem anding a more specific, tailored package for their pets when exploring pet boarding. Hanrob Pet Hotels is an internationally recognized pet destination, with their superior boarding options, enhanced training methods and friendly staff members. With customized training packages from puppyhood to senior canine, boarding takes on a new personalized approach that always ensures the success and happiness of each dog, ideal for puppies, small dogs, or hyperactive dogs that need more exercise.

The Hanrob’s luxury pet hotel has suites conveniently located in Sydney (Heathcoat, Sydney Airport and Duffy’s Forest) and Melbourne (Melbourne Airport). Prices for accommodation start at just $32.00 per day, and the Staying Connected Package is available for $49.00.Kenneling is a luxurious experience made possible through Andrew Briggs, CEO of Hanrob Pet Hotels. Offered at all Hanrob Pet Hotel properties, the Hanrob’s luxury pet hotels includes extended stays, emergency veterinary treatment, play time for your pooch with his new canine companions, aromatherapy baths, Skype sessions, digital photos (PetPics), and pre-recorded videos.(Pet Video)

Hanrob Pet Hotels is at the forefront of the pet travel trends to keep the pets safe. It offers full-service grooming and spa with certified professional groomers and certified canine massage therapists that will provide your pets with a variety of services. Planning that fun flight with your pooch has never been so simple.

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