Pet-Friendly State Parks 3: Ohio – Wyoming

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All the 50 states in the United States offer parks that offer you and your furry friend the luxury of running, playing, and relaxing. We’re giving you here part 3 of our exploration of the state parks guidelines.

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Ohio State Parks 

Taking a stroll in their state parks requires that you put your pets on a six-foot leash as part of their pet policy. However, your furry friends cannot get inside their buildings, cabins, lodges, buildings, washing and camping areas, pools, and beaches. Learn more about their pet policy and know their locations here

Oklahoma State Parks

You can enjoy the beauty of Oklahoma state parks and bring your four-legged friends as long as you keep them on leash up to 10 feet. Although most of their state parks do not allow dogs in their pools and swimming areas, Great Plains State Parks have a dog swim beach where you can enjoy the salty beach water with your furry friends! To know more about their pet policy, visit their website and check their state park locations.

Oregon State Parks

Having your dogs in any of Oregon’s state parks means you have to put them on a six-foot leash. In addition, there are some restricted areas for your pets, including Dabney State Recreation Area, Canyon Trail, Maple Ridge Trail, and Twin Falls trains. Here is their website to learn more about the state park pet policy and state park locations. 

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Pennsylvania State Parks

Pennsylvania allows your dogs to play and run around their state parks, but you have to ensure they are leashed for up to 6 meters long. You also have to secure their vaccination certificate for your pets to be allowed entry on their grounds. However, your furry companions are not permitted in pools, beaches, buildings, and wash areas. Learn more about their state park locations and their pet policy here

Rhode Isl and State Parks

If you are a fur parent who wishes to bring your pets along with you in a park, Rhode Isl and state parks allow you to do so. You can even bring up two canine or feline friends in Burlingame State Campground, Fishermen’s Memorial State Campground, and George Washington State Campground. It is better to train your pets with good behavior and always secure their vaccination proof for them to be allowed inside the parks. Here are more of Rhode Isl and State Parks’ pet policy and locations

South Carolina State Parks

Please keep your pets on a leash up to six feet long so that they can freely run around the state parks in South Carolina. Dogs that are noisy, unruly, and rowdy shall be forced to leave the grounds, so you should have your pets trained with good behavior before getting them into any parks. Know their state park locations and pet policy here

South Dakota State Parks

Keep your dogs on a 10-meter leash, and you will be able to run around and play with your pets in any of South Dakota’s state parks. Your pets must not be left unattended and should be under your voice comm ands. Your pets must also be at least 200 feet far from other guests in the park for safety and protection. Your furry companions are not allowed the state parks’ buildings, beaches, cabins, and washing areas. Here are more of their state park pet rules and locations

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Tennessee State Parks

If you want your dogs to run around Tennessee’s state parks, it is best to keep leash them and ensure to keep an eye on them at all times. On the other h and, your furry companion cannot enter the state parks’ beaches, pools, cabins and lodges, and washing areas. You should also present your pet’s vaccination upon entry as part of the state parks’ requirements. Here’s more of their state park pet policy and state park locations. 

Texas State Parks

Keep your pets on a six-foot leash, and you will have no problems getting in Texas’ state parks. They should not be left unattended, and keep an eye on them since they are not allowed in the parks’ restaurants, cabins, bars, stores, restrooms, and washing areas. In addition, you need to secure their vaccination as part of their requirements of entry. To know more about their state parks’ requirements and locations, click here

Utah State Parks

Almost all parks in Utah are animal friendly, but you have to keep them on a six-foot leash at least. It would help if you kept a close watch on them since your pets cannot get inside buildings, pools, beaches, and lakes. Check out their other state park pet policy and locations here

Vermont State Parks 

Keeping your dogs on leash up to ten feet will allow you entry into Vermont state parks. It is also necessary to provide your dog’s updated vaccination upon entry as part of their requirements. However, your pets are restricted from getting inside any state park building, pools, beaches, wash areas, cottages, and cabins. Learn more about their pet policy and state park locations here

Virginia State Parks

Virginia welcomes pets in all of their state parks as long as they leash up to six feet. They should also be in close watch of their owners, and proof of vaccination is needed upon entry. However, the state does not allow your dogs to enter their buildings, cottages, wash areas, pools, and beaches. Visit their website to know their state park locations and pet policy. 

Washington State Parks

Washington state parks require that your pets be on leash for up to eight meters long while inside the grounds. However, they are not allowed in some parks, such as buildings and washing areas. They are also not allowed to swim on the beaches or any natural preserve areas. Find out what they have to say about their state park pet policy and locations here.

West Virginia State Parks

Keep your pets on a leash for up to 10 feet, and you will be able to walk around, run around, and play in the campgrounds of West Virginia state parks. Please keep your pets’ vaccination certificates and make sure that their vaccines are updated for you to enjoy entry into their state parks. Read their pet policy on their website to know more about their state park pet requirements and locations. 

Wisconsin State Parks

Wisconsin state allows pets in their parks, forests, campgrounds as long as they are on leas for up to eight feet long. However, pets cannot get inside the state parks’ buildings, beaches, playgrounds, picnic, and washing areas. Their pet policy also restricts your pets from entering their nature trails and observation areas. Check their state parks website to know more about their pet policy and locations.

Wyoming State Parks

Before you can enjoy Wyoming’s state parks, you have to ensure that your pets are on a 10-feet leash. However, your four-legged friends are not allowed entry into the state parks’ buildings, picnic areas, playgrounds, beaches, and pools! Your pets should always be under your voice comm ands and should not be left unattended for more than two hours. Let’s see more of their state park pet policy and locations on their website

A visit to a state park with your pet companion is an unforgettable experience, giving you and your companion a chance to bond over new sights and sounds. But preparation is always key. Make sure the park you’re visiting is pet friendly and that you pack everything you and your four-legged friend may need. And once you’re there, let nothing st and in your way of enjoying the moment together!

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