How To Travel With Your Pet in a Small RV

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Traveling in an RV can be a fun challenge. What you lack in space, you make up with creativity in creating more space. Even with such space constraints, RV travel is a lot of fun! But what if you want to add your furry friends to your RV adventures? If the room is tight already, how will you make space in these confined quarters? With the right preparation, you can include the four-legged members of your family on any adventures, including travel with your pet in a small RV. Let’s review some things you can do to include them in the fun without making your adventure stressful.

1. Make sure your pet has a designated area in the RV

Just like they have their own space in your home, give them their own space in the RV as well. That could mean that they are riding in the passenger seat (properly restrained, of course), a bed, their pen, etc. But make sure you give them their own space. Riding in an RV could be stressful for them if they aren’t used to it. Giving them their personal space could help your animal feel like they have a place to go if they get nervous.

If you own the RV, try to get your pet used to the vehicle before starting your trip. Let them lay down, nap, and investigate until their heart is content. If you can, go for a short drive before you start on your official trip. This way, your pet can also get used to the way the RV feels when it is moving.

Do not keep your pet in towed vehicle!

As much as pets need an area to call their own, that area should never be a vehicle that you are towing. Always keep your pets in the same vehicle with you.

2. Bring your pet their food, toys, and water

You want your pet to feel as comfortable in the RV as they do at home, bring along their toys, bed, food, and anything else they need. Have extra food just in case you get str anded or your trip takes longer than anticipated. Their toys will keep them occupied while you are driving. You want to do everything to make them feel like this is another home. Don’t forget their medicines as well.

3. Make stops for bathroom breaks and exercise

It is important to keep a routine if possible. Take breaks so your pet can use the bathroom and play. It isn’t good for their wellbeing to be cooped up in an RV all day. If you are trying to drive 12-14 hours each day, you still have to make stops for your pets.

To travel with your pet in a small RV might need more consideration, but with the right preparation it can be just as enjoyable as any other RV roadtrip. - PetTravelCenter
To travel with your pet in a small RV might need more consideration, but with the right preparation it can be just as enjoyable as any other RV roadtrip.

4. Be prepared in the case of an emergency

Learn your travel route in advance and research vets and emergency animal hospitals along your route. Hopefully, you won’t ever need them, and everyone will be happy and healthy for the duration of your journey, but as the saying goes, “better safe than sorry.”

By this same token, make sure your pet is wearing a collar with your contact info on it in case you get separated. Double-check that your pet’s microchip information is current in case the collar falls off. Take your fluffy friend in for a vet visit before your trip to ensure they are in good health and current on all shots. Bring copies of their medical records. 

While you are researching for your pets, find the same information for yourself. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.

5. Go slow with your pets

Pets don’t like change or a disruption in their environment. They are creatures of habit and routine. If your first go-around with them and travel doesn’t work out well, that’s ok. It was practice for the next time. Practice makes perfect. When given time to adapt to travel and new surroundings, some animals will blossom if they acclimate to their own time table.


Pets can make great companions on travel with your pet in a small RV. All it takes is a little preparation on our part to make this adventure as much fun for them as it is for us. These tips should help you and your furry friends have a blast out on the road. Maybe you both will get to enjoy the wind in your hair!

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