How To Travel With a Rabbit

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When we move or travel, we can’t always leave our furry family members behind. However, they can become extremely stressed from travel. When a human is traveling, they know what is happening and why. That helps us manage our stress. Our pets aren’t like that. We can’t explain to them in their language why they are in a carrier or why it keeps moving around so much. The experience can upset our animal friends. 

Even though most people focus on travel with a dog or a cat, that isn’t the only animal that will travel with their humans. Our rabbit family members can also make trips with us. With the right preparations, we can make this experience a pleasant one for our bunny friends.

Purchase a Good Carrier for Your Rabbit

For their safety and security, your rabbit will need to travel in a carrier. Public forms of transportation like buses or trains won’t allow you to have a rabbit uncaged. If you are traveling by car, you don’t want to take the chance that your bunny could get underfoot.  

Get a carrier that will fit your bunny comfortably. This may mean getting a carrier meant for a dog. You want your rabbit to be as comfortable as possible. If the carrier is too small, they will become upset and may even injure themselves. 

Think about how you are going to get your bunny in and out of the carrier. If your rabbit may fight, consider getting one that opens on the top. It is recommended that you get a carrier with solid sides, so your rabbit feels secure. Something with too much open space, like a wire carrier, could make your rabbit feel exposed and vulnerable.

Get Your Rabbit Used To the Carrier

The trick that works for cats and dogs works for rabbits as well. If you let your bunny hop around inside the carrier and smell it before you take your trip, they won’t be as nervous about it when it’s time to travel. Any animal is going to be worried and upset if they get pushed into something unfamiliar. Letting them put their scent in it first is always a good idea.

Practice Traveling With Your Rabbit Before the Big Day

If you are traveling by air, you can’t do a trial run. But if you are going by car or other ground methods, you can start taking short trips beforeh and to get your bunny used to the feel of travel. Don’t push it and travel for too long. Trips of 10-15 minutes going around the block will work fine. This will get your rabbit used to the sensations, so they aren’t so nervous on the actual travel day.

Cool Your Vehicle Down Before Putting Your Rabbit in the Car

If you are traveling by car, make things as comfortable as you can for your rabbit before putting them in the car. Cool the vehicle down before putting their carrier inside. Travel will stress your rabbit out; don’t make it worse by putting them in a hot car. And avoid putting your bunny in direct sunlight, but also don’t place them right in front of an air vent.  

Plan Out How Much Food & Water You Will Need for the Trip

Make sure you don’t have to dig through the luggage for food or water for your rabbit. Have them easily accessible so you can offer whenever needed. Plan out any stops to clean out the cage, and for bathroom breaks.

Plan breaks  and bring enough food when traveling with a rabbit
Plan breaks and bring enough food when traveling with a rabbit.

Bring All Needed Vet Records

If you are traveling by plane, bus, or train, you may need copies of your rabbit’s vet records. They may require certain vaccinations or want additional medical information on your pet. Contact the travel company before your trip to make sure you comply with their policies.

Also, check prior to your trip what the requirements are for traveling with a pet. If you are traveling by air, will you be able to keep the rabbit in the cabin with you? Airline policies will vary, so know before you go. Book a private security screening with TSA rather than springing in on them at the airport. Animal carriers have to be checked just like our carryon bag. Booking in advance means TSA will take you and your bunny to a private room, making it less stressful for everyone involved.


Don’t make a trip any more stressful than it needs to be for you and your bunny. Practice as much as you can before the big day, and it will make traveling much less of a headache for you both. Proper planning is the key to a successful trip with your rabbit.

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