Does Your Pet Need Rabies Vaccination Before Traveling

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It is widely known that rabies is never a good thing for animals. Approximately 60,000 deaths have been recorded due to rabies. Rabies is ranked as one of the worst and notorious killers in under-developed countries worldwide. But does your pet need rabies vaccination before traveling? Read on to get more insights on rabies and travels.

How Does It Affect Animals and Humans Alike

Rabies is a common occurrence within the animal kingdom. However, bites from a rabid dog could also be fatal for humans. Once rabies has been transmitted from the affected animal to humans, there is no cure. After-bite injections and treatments could help prevent rabies from spreading through the entire system. If not taken, death from rabies could be prolonged and painful. 

However, today rabies can be prevented through a series of vaccination. This vaccination is not the cure, though; it will only prevent your pet from being infected. It is your responsibility to make sure that your pets are vaccinated against rabies and other diseases that may pose a risk to their health and yours, too! 

If you are planning on traveling to another country, your pet could be exposed to rabid environments. Therefore it’s important to inform yourself about the rabies risk in your visiting country.

Rabies Vaccination Varies in Different Countries

Rabies vaccination, just like laws, varies from one place to another. While some countries do not compel owners to vaccinate their pets, it is m andated by law in others. For example, in the United States, the law requires that all pet owners vaccinate their pets against rabies. If you are not familiar with the country’s laws, you must do the necessary research before jumping on that flight. When you are traveling in a high-rabid country, you must vaccinate your dog ahead of time. 

For most pets, rabies vaccination may start as early as 3 months to 3 years old. However, if you have adopted a pet and are not sure of the vaccination history, it is always best to consult your veterinarian. They will help you to make sure your pet’s vaccination is up to date. 

Different countries, different rules. Reserch if your pet need rabies vaccination before going to unknown places.
Different countries, different rules. Reserch if your pet need rabies vaccination before going to unknown places.

Is Rabies Vaccination Required for Traveling Dogs and Cats?

All airlines have different rules. However, a common requirement is to produce the pet’s vaccination and health certificate from the veterinarian. 

Depending on your destination, your pets may also be required to have a rabies vaccination certificate signed by your veterinarian. The validity of this certification is good for the entire trip. You may also be required that the pet’s rabies vaccine shot is given 20-30 days before traveling to give the vaccine time to be medically effective in the pet’s system. 

Will the Rabies Vaccination Prevent My Pet From Getting Infected?

Your pet’s rabies vaccination does not assure that your pet would no longer be infected with rabies. All diseases will take a toll on your pets, depending on their immune system. If your pet is healthy and vaccinated, they will respond to the disease strong enough to fight it. 

As part of responsible pet ownership, you have to make sure that your pet gets the needed medical attention from the moment you take them into your care. It is always best to seek help from your veterinarian for you to know the vaccination needed by your sweet pup. And when you’re preparing to travel to foreign countries, inform yourself of the rabies situation and if your pet needs rabies vaccination before traveling.

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