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As the 5th busiest airport in the United States, Denver International Airport (DEN) has made traveling with pets a pleasure. There are four pet relief areas in total, located both inside and outside the terminal. They also boast one of the world’s first pet boarding facilities.

Where the pet relief areas are located at DEN

Jeppesen Terminal, Outdoor – You will find the outdoor pet relief area located on the northwest side of Jeppesen Terminal. It is located on the second level, but because it is pre-security, you will not have to worry about trying to get out and back in again.

Terminal A, B & C – The other pet relief areas are located adjacent to the U.S. Main Drop. There is one for each of the A, B, and C Gates. These areas are well marked and very easy to find. No matter which airline you are flying, the pet relief area will be close to your gate.

DEN Pet Relief Area Map - All Terminals - PetTravelCenter

What the pet relief areas in DEN look like

Whether before or after your flight, the welcoming and comfortable areas allow your pet to take care of business quickly. You will notice that the indoor pet areas have some interesting features, including an artificial rock, murals on the walls, artificial turf, and even a dedicated drainage system to keep the rooms as clean as possible.

The indoor rooms have a paper towel dispenser, automatic h and dryer, h and soap, and a wall-mounted sink so that the humans can clean up as well. The rooms are designed to ensure that cleaning is efficient and easy, helping to keep the rooms sanitized. Additionally, all of the pet relief areas comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Even the outdoor area takes care of travelers. The entire space is fenced, and there is a bench for you to sit on while your pet explores and does their business.

Paradise 4 Paws – A new twist on boarding

Located at 24735 E. 75th Ave, Paradise for Paws is a premium pet palace. Featuring on-site veterinarians, massage therapy, private suites, obedience classes, and flat-screen TVs, you will be happy to leave your pooch here for some pampering. You will find Paradise 4 Paws at the WorldPort Facility, just east of the shuttle lot.

Running 24/7, there are more than 25,000 square feet of space dedicated to your dogs and cats. They accept both day and overnight stays. However, the airport recommends that you make a reservation to guarantee that you have a spot.

The expansive dog suites overlook the massive indoor play areas, where you will find a bone-shaped splash pool, soft rubber flooring, and real indoor grass. Some of the suites include flat-screen TVs that are tuned to programs for canines. For the nervous owner, the suites also have live webcams that allow you to check on your furbaby as often as you like. You also don’t need to worry about your tiny pooch getting run over by larger animals; there is a separate wing of the resort just for dogs weighing less than 25 lbs.

Before taking off from Denver International Airport (DEN) consult the pet guidelines to make sure your trip with your pet will be as smooth as possible. - PetTravelCenter
Before taking off from Denver International Airport (DEN) consult the pet guidelines to make sure your trip with your pet will be as smooth as possible.

Pets flying as cargo from DEN

If your dog is too large to fit in the cabin with you, they will likely have to fly as cargo. This means that they will be on a separate plane with their own schedule. Your pet will need to be dropped off and picked up at the cargo facility for the specific airline you are flying. The good news is that the cargo facilities are near the train stop heading over to the terminal. 

  • Delta Airlines Cargo
    7648 Undergrove Circle, Denver, CO 80249
  • Southwest Airlines Cargo
    7640 North Undergrove Street, Suite E, Denver, CO 80249
  • United Airlines Cargo
    27000 E 75th Avenue, Denver, CO 80249
  • Lufthansa Cargo
    7652 Undergrove Street, Denver, CO 80249
  • American Airlines Cargo
    7648 Undergrove Circle, Denver, CO 80249

More DEN pet policies

The Denver International Airport pet guidelines are relatively st andard. Your furbaby must remain in a carrier or crate unless they are inside one of the four pet relief areas. Service animals are exempt from this policy, but they must remain on a leash. 

If you are traveling with a pet, the airport recommends keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. Although this is not listed specifically in Denver International’s pet policy, travel for any pet could be jeopardized by inclement weather. Most airlines will not allow pet cargo travel once the mercury falls below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature shift is quite common during the winter months, so you may want to save traveling with Fido until the warmer months.

If you need further information on the pet policies at Denver International Airport, you can call them at the contact information listed below:

8500 Pena Blvd
Denver, Colorado 80249

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