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When we travel, we get a break from the world. Sometimes that break means leaving our pets behind. But what if we don’t want to exclude our pets from our travel plans? Let’s look at some ways we can include our pets that won’t break the bank. Budget-friendly pet travel options are all around.

1) Travel by car to get to your destination

Traveling by car is by far the easiest way to get your pet to your travel destination with you. There are no restrictions or fees involved when taking your pets with you in your own car. Make sure your vehicle is ready with all the necessary supplies if the trip is a long one, and you should be all set. If you are using a rental car, check to see their policies for transporting a pet. Some allow it but require deposits and fees.

2) Travel to your destination in an RV

Camping is all the rage. People love to take RVs, big or small, to a campground for the weekend, hang out with friends, or escape their electronic devices. Most pets would love a chance to spend the weekend in nature and search the woods for sticks and squirrels. RVs aren’t expensive to rent, and smaller ones are quite easy to drive. Some campers even attach to your truck or SUV for ease of transport. Use an RV to get to your destination, and take your pet with you! Many will have a pet rental fee, but it won’t be anything substantial that could break the bank. Also, campgrounds are very pet-friendly, especially for dogs. 

Camping is one of the budget-friendly pet travel options. - PetTravelCenter
Camping is one of the budget-friendly pet travel options.

3) Go on a bicycle trip

How on earth can you take a pet on a bicycle? It’s not as hard as you might think. You will want to make sure your animal is safe and secure so that they will be riding shotgun in their own trailer-like addition. If you don’t already have a pet trailer, ask your local bike shop about how you could rent one. All you need to pay for is the rental fees for the trailer that your animal will be riding in.

4) Check what hotels waive pet fees before you book your trip

More and more hotels consider themselves pet-friendly. That is a large improvement from how hotels used to handle pets. However, just because a place says they are pet friendly doesn’t mean they make it affordable for your pet to stay with you at their facility. Some establishments charge a nightly rate for your pet or non-refundable pet fees to cover cleaning your room. While many do that, more and more establishments are ditching those charges for pet owners.

Research your pet-friendly hotel before you book it to see what their pet policies and fees are. Many are dropping these fees or making them less prohibitive. If you are using a private rental, there may be nominal or no fees at all. More and more private rentals are permitting animals but excluding children… 

5) Taking A Flight With Your Pet

Flying will be the most expensive method of transportation with your pet. However, some airlines allow your pets to fly with you for under $100. If you can catch a break on your own ticket, it can still be economical to take your pet with you on an airplane. FYI, not every animal will be allowed on a plane, and if they do, they most likely have to fit on your lap or under your seat in their carrier. If your pet doesn’t fit those criteria, they will have to fly in the cargo hold.

An important travel tip with your pet 

Before you travel with your pet, make sure they are in good health and that you have all the required shots and paperwork. Some facilities or airlines will require documentation of your pet’s health before they can stay with you. This is especially true if you are crossing international borders with your pet. Without proper paperwork, your pet could be denied entry or placed in a long-term quarantine. 


Humans always hope for a relaxing vacation free from distractions. That doesn’t always mean that we don’t want our pets with us. And with proper research, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Many places are open to pets and have eliminated or reduced pet fees. You can find those and have a great trip with your pet. 

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