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Swimming with Dogs

Man_swimming_with_dog.jpgSwimming is one of the best forms of exercise a dog can get, as it is a cardio-vascular exercise, causing them to use all of the muscle groups within their body without the jarring shocks that can occur from running and bouncing around. Avoiding these shocks allows your dog to stay healthier for longer, and can avoid flaring up any old injuries or current health problems, including joint problems like arthritis.

Where to Take Your Dog Swimming

Although dogs will often run off into cold water while chasing sticks or balls, this does not mean cold water is suitable for them to swim in as a method of exercise. Swimming in cold water causes blood vessels close to skin and fur to constrict, causing muscles to lose access to all of the necessary blood and oxygen they need to function properly, which can in turn cause muscle strains and pain. Try to find a pool specifically for dogs where the water is heated to an ideal temperature to avoid any possible health issues that could be caused by cold water. Going to a specific doggy pool ensures the water conditions will be ideal for dogs, and can aid with illness or injury recovery, building muscles and stamina for race dogs or dogs training in agility. They can also be ideal for dogs that need to lose weight, or are reaching old age and need some form of exercise to help keep them mobile. Some pools for dogs will even allow owners to get into the water with their dog if they desire to.

Swimming With Your Dog

There are a number of benefits with doggy swimming pools that allow you to enter with your dog. Firstly, you can build a strong relationship with your dog, especially if your dog is there to help build up their strength after a traumatic accident which has caused them to become nervous. However, swimming with your dog is not only beneficial for him or her; it is a good boost for your own health too. Spending an hour or two in the swimming pool with your dog can really improve your core body strength, and give you more energy. If you find you are struggling with energy you may find diet supplements are very useful to help with your general health and energy levels. They will also help with the stamina you have in the pool, especially when combined with a good, healthy diet. This extra exercise you will gain in the pool with your dog, mixed with healthy supplements for your body, mean you’ll be able to keep up with your dog much easier when he or she is back to full health.

Ideal Dog Pool Amenities

There are some amenities that a doggy pool can have available that make sure both you and your dog are kept happy. Firstly, ensure they have buoyancy aids for your dog if it cannot swim or is a nervous swimmer; this allows you to relax, as you can see your dog is not in any danger. The water in the pool must be safe and clean for dogs, and most reputable pools will check the cleanliness of the water between dog visits. Another important feature of the pool should be an easy access ramp for dogs to get in and out of the pool, or an electric hoist for incapacitated dogs. One last amenity that makes a dog pool ideal is a dedicated drying area for your dog, allowing them to get dry and stay warm and comfortable while doing so.

Allowing your dog to have time in a pool ensures they are at their top form both physically and mentally, and allows injuries to heal much faster while also ensuring your dog gets back into good shape. Your dog will probably enjoy the swimming, especially if you, as an owner, can get into the pool alongside your dog and help them if they need it, allowing bonding time between you and your beloved pet.