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Pet Travel Center Customer Comments

What Our Customers Are Saying

From time to time, we receive unsolicited comments from our website visitors and Pet Travel Products customers. Some of the feedback may include ways we can do things better, or it may be a simple response about our customer service efforts. Whatever the reason, we listen to and take your comments seriously, as we continue to try to provide the highest level of service to everyone who visits PetTravelCenter.com. Our commitment is to provide each person who visits our site with an EVE (exceptional visitor experience).

We sincerely appreciate your patronage in our Pet Travel Products online pet store, your booking pet-friendly hotels through our database of tens of thousands of pet-friendly accommodations around the world, your uploading of pet photos and pet travels in our Pet Photo Gallery, and anywhere on the website that you have visited to get worldwide pet travel information.

The following testimonials are a continuation of the customer comments found on our home page. We hope they give you some idea of the EVE in which we strive to provide. As always, if there is anything you feel we can do better, please let us know!

From you…

Thank you so much for getting right back to me. You operate your company with integrity and I will definitely consider you for any pet travel needs I may have in the future. Thanks again. — Peggy R.

I bought a quick control harness for a black lab, and I love it. I didn’t know that it opened on both sides. Now no more trying to get one leg in and then fastening it. So much easier to just reach under her and pull up both sides to fasten. Also the quick connect tether is great. Now I can leave this in the car. No more having to go back inside to get it. Thanks! — Charlene S.

Thank you very much. By the way, my Mom was able to get the carriers and get them to us and they are terrific. — Dana M.

Thank you very much. I appreciate all your help, and I will happily do business with you again in the future. — Sincerely, Martha T.

I appreciate your correspondence and glad to see quality customer service. — Al M.

Thank you so much, you guys are great!! — Donald F.

Thank your for your “EXCELLENT” customer service. I’ll let my fellow feline/canine lovers know that they need to check out your website. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. — Debbie P.

thank you, love your company===thank you for emailing me… — randi c.

I look forward to receiving your perfect portable home for my two little Russian Terriers as it will allow us to continue our travel with the “girls”. Thank you again for reassuring me all is well with the order. — Donna A.

Thanks for such awesome customer service! — Melissa M.

GREAT service… You and your company set the gold standard for customer service. At the end of the day the service you provided was outstanding. Thank you. Hope to see you again. — Robin M.

Thank you very much for the quick and very informative email. These are definately what I have been looking for. Because of your quick and informative response, I will be purchasing through your company and will highly recommend you and your website. — Thank you again, Barbara M.

Good morning, I have emailed several times about the dog seats and ordered 2. I had written after receiving them about parts that were wrong and you immediately contacted the manufacturer, who did send the correct pieces. I am extremely happy with the seats and the dogs seem to like them also! I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the help you gave me with information on the seats and for the immediate responses to each and every email. To me, the customer service is one of the most important factors in purchasing a product and you have exceeded any expectation I could have had.Thank you again and it is a pleasure doing business with your company. — Barbara

Pet Travel Center, I thank you very much and if there is anything I need I will shop with your Center again. I will also recommend your site to my friends. Excellent customer service. Have a great day. — Celeste N.

Thank you for your prompt response. We will shop with you again. — Kelly M.

Great news! So speedy! Thank you very much. — Besty D.

Thank you so much for your prompt response. — Regards, Kim

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind service. — Christine E.

Thank you for the quick response! — Angela T.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. — Elizabeth J.

Thanks so much for being so helpful and shipping so quickly. — Deborah S.

Thank you SO MUCH for the confirmation about the carrier being delivered by Friday. I am so excited!!!! Thank you, thank you for all of your help and amazing response and super fast turn around in getting the product out to me. And thank you for making the Return process so easy as well. I really appreciate everything you and Pet Travel Center has done and will certainly recommend your site and certainly purchase more items in the future. Have a fabulous afternoon! — Cinda C. and Jaxx

Thank you very much! I appreciate you responding so quickly. — Christina C.

Thank you so much for the exceptional help! — Anne H.

Thank you much for the quick response to my question… THANKS again. — Lowell M.

Thanks again for such timely help. This is great… I really appreciate your help. I haven’t received customer service like this in a very long time and I want you to know it’s been a pleasure. Thank you! — Sincerely, Jennifer H.

Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate your service!! — Pam C.

Thanks so much for your quick response… You guys are great! — Pam M.

Wonderful – thank you so much for your help with the transaction. I look forward to receiving the carrier for my two little dogs. — Julia T.

Hi thats great news thankyou so much for helping me out… ill send you a pick of the joey in her new pouch when it arrives. — thankyou, sonia c

Thank you for your fast reply. The D021231 will do nicely. Thanks again. — Mike M.

Thank you for the wonderful customer service. I appreciate you contacting me more than you will ever know. What a great company! — Kim B.

Thanks for the very efficient manner in which you have conducted this purchase… — Cheers, Peter L.

Thank you for your great service. — Hayley W.

Thanks so much for your email. I really appreciate an online company that actually communicates with customers!! — Anne O.

Thank you for a very prompt response. — Joice A.

Thanks, you guys are great!!! — Marilyn S.

Thanks for responding so quickly. Your website is great and I shall be looking at it again for great products in the future. — Alison S.

I am very satisfied with the purchase…good quality and amazingly light! Thank you to your staff for changing my order and proceeding with the order so quickly! All the best! — Natalija E.

Thank you, will keep you in mind next time we are in the need of a pet item. — Matt H.

Thank you… I’ll buy here again. 😉 — Jennifer L.

Thank you again for your assistance much appreciated! — Leane D.

Thank you so much. What wonderful service! — Mahoney C.

I have received the package thanks so much for the follow up and your attention to detail. — Rachel D.

I appreciate your assistance! You guys have been great! Thank you! — Jon H.

Thank you. Great customer service, great website, fast delivery, great product. — Veronique C.

You have been SO helpful! I really appreciate your excellent customer service! — Carla

Thank you so much! I will definitely do business with you again and tell my pet friends how great you are to deal with. Thank you once again. — Angela M.

Thank you. The backseat cover works great! — Marcia H.

Thank you very much for your Kind assistance 🙂 I am sure to come back to you for my next order. Best regards out of Switzerland, — Ariane S.

Thank you for your prompt response – which is greatly reassuring. Your service is brilliant & l wish you all the best. Kind regards — Sahrah M.

Thank you for your service and great communication! — Regards, Eva Ujvari

Thank you so much for everything… We will be customers for as long as we have cats and we will tell our other animal loving friends about your great service… — Don K.