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Pet Cargo Covers

Pet Cargo Covers are a great choice for protecting the cargo area from dirt, dander and “spills,” while at the same time adding comfort for your pet. Whether you’re looking for a plush, quilted design or soley waterproof construction, you’ll find a great selection of pet cargo covers in Pet Travel Products, our online pet store, to suit just about any need.

Many of our pet cargo liners are machine washable and engineered to fit most vehicles — with multiple attachment points, elastic straps, expansion vents and other features to keep pet cargo covers firmly in place.

When traveling with a pet that must stay in the cargo area of your vehicle, be sure to check out our pet cargo liners for the best solution for your particular needs. If you need to keep your pet separated from other areas of your vehicle, you might also consider a vehicle pet barrier to reduce driver and passenger distractions.