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10 Tips for Traveling with Pets


Traveling with pets has become as commonplace as traveling with children. After all, we feed them, clean up after them, groom them, praise them and love them… why shouldn’t we take them along? Instead of just letting the family pooch jump in the back seat, make your next pet travel experience safe, fun and enjoyable by following these simple, common sense tips.

12 Great Tips on How to Prepare Your Pet Travel Crate For the Flight


Here are some specific tips and techniques you can use to make sure you don’t run into any problems when you’re traveling with your pet.

A Dog Vacation That Helps Rescue Dogs!


Imagine your dog running through gorgeous green fields, exploring nose-down as fast as possible, catching all the smells of the earth – being the happiest dog alive!

A Look at Snowbirds and Their Pets


Long before winter’s blustery chill begins to sting the bones, plans are being made by people in Canada, the Northeast and Midwestern United States to seek the warmer climes of the south. It’s an interesting phenomenon that occurs each year and mimics the migration ritual of our feathered friends.

For Peace of Mind


For peace of mind, we travel with a standard poodle and a Siamese cat in a 26′ motorhome.

How to Select the Right Pet Carrier


No matter what kind of companion animal you have, at some point they’ll need to be transported somewhere. And whether it’s to another city or just down the road, for safety’s sake they should always be put in a pet carrier unless they are restrained in a dog car seat or vehicle pet safety harness.

Keep Pets Safe During the Holidays


‘Tis the season for glitter, tinsel, toys, and delectable food. But did you know all of these things can be hazardous — even deadly — to your pet?/p>

Keep Your Dogs Safe & Secure on July 4th!


While fireworks offer a dazzling display for people, they can be quite unsettling to dogs. Many dogs are afraid of fireworks, and some even exhibit an extreme, phobic response. The following tips can help:

Leaves of 3, Let it Be and Other Words of Wisdom


Dogs are susceptible to plant-based irritants just as people are. When enjoying the great outdoors with your canine companion, be mindful of your surroundings, taking note of the different species of plants in the area.

Lessons Learned from Mother Nature


Natural disasters can strike at any time; when they do is not the time to try to prepare.

Having your family and pets prepared for such catastrophes as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods will save you time to respond and evacuate, if necessary, and could very possibly save your or your pet’s life.

Pet Travel Trends: Keeping Your Pets Safe


Pet safety is a hot topic, mainly when it comes to pet travel and accommodation. Pet parents prove their concern for their pet’s safety with their quest for pet friendly accommodation, 24-hour veterinary care, on-site dog training, aromatherapy baths and of course well-supervised playtime for their pooches are today’s norms. It seems only right that people equate dogs as family members. Families with children and pets make up a large portion of the population and yes, everyone’s busy. So how do pet parents keep their lives simple when traveling and save time?

Pet Vacay: Hanrob Pet Hotels In Australia Launches Alternatives To Holiday Pet Care


We’re always looking for ways to please our pets. Whether it means making sure they eat the best quality diets, or ensuring that that they travel comfortably and also enjoy a safe pet vacay, pet parents will stop at nothing to make sure that their pet is a happy camper. A recent study by Hanrob Pet Hotels shows that that 80% of Australians would rather alter their travel plans, and sometimes even cancel them if they were not happy with their choices of pet care.

Preparing Your Dog to Travel


For countless pet owners, a holiday wouldn’t quite be the same without their beloved pet by their side. Some feel that nobody could take such good care of their pet as they could. For others, travel involves time spent in Nature and they wouldn’t feel quite right in the Great Outdoors without inviting their pet to partake in the fun. If you’ve decided to take your pet along with the whole family on your next trip, keep the following considerations in mind:

Relieve Pressure at the Pump


Money-Saving Tips for RVers

Don’t let steep fuel prices squelch your travel plans. With a little advance planning, you can travel smarter and still enjoy your RV travel to the fullest.

Riding in Cars with Dogs


Who doesn’t know at least one dog who instantly rockets himself into a fit of excitement upon hearing his owners mention going for a R. I. D. E.?

Safe and Enjoyable Pet Travel Takes Planning


So you’re thinking about venturing out on your next trip with Fido? Sounds like a fun idea, but unless you’re well prepared, you may end up wishing you had left him at home.

But don’t get discouraged; traveling with pets is becoming as commonplace as traveling with children. In a sense, they really are our children. We feed them, clean up after them, groom them, praise them, and love them… why shouldn’t we take them along?

Sailing the High Seas with Your Dog


Millions of pet lovers across the globe would probably need little prodding to admit a little secret: they don’t travel because they don’t want to leave their pets behind!

Summer Travel With Pets


Traveling With Your Pet This Summer?

Here are some pet travel tips to consider before venturing out on the road, in the air, camping, and other useful information.

Swimming Pool Safety


A dip in the pool can be a great way for our four-legged friends to beat the heat this summer! Since we can’t outfit them with water wings, it’s important to teach dogs safe pool manners in order to keep everyone happy and healthy all summer long. Consider the following tips:

Travel, Your Pet & You


I love traveling, and I love my dog. Sometimes the two just don’t go hand in hand, but I do try to take him with us every chance I get. Before we take off, I do have a checklist that I go through so as to make sure our trip is a good one.