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Q. My 7 lb yorkie gets very nervous while traveling. Can I give him something to help him in the car? — peggy m., salem, OR

A. Traveling with anxious pets is never easy. You can desensitize them by traveling on small trips more frequently with lots of praise. Using a covered crate to reduce the visual stimulus of passing cars and trees can be helpful. If these options are not working, there is always the medical route. This can be done with over-the-counter medications that can cause sedation like antihistamines and natural products like milk colostrum and melatonin or going to your Vet and getting a prescription medication that can decrease anxiety or sedate. Plan well in advance. — Dr. Mitch

Mitchell Spindel, DVM, Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Mitch Spindel, Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Spindel earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Oklahoma State University. He practiced in Syracuse, New York before he and his wife and children relocated to beautiful North Carolina. Dr. Spindel is a past President of the Forsyth County Veterinary Medical Association. He is the veterinarian for Sci-Works in Winston-Salem, NC and is active with the Forsyth Humane Society, Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation and Greyhound Friends.

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Q. My 7 lb yorkie gets very nervous while traveling. Can I give him something to help him in the car? — peggy m., salem, OR
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Q. I am relocating from Ontario to Alberta and I will be driving to get there. I have an African Grey Parrot, and would like to know the best way to take her with me. A lot of people I talk to tell me that they don’t travel well, and she could die. I don’t want to have to give her up if I don’t have to, but given the choice of giving her away, or having her die on the road, I will obviously choose to give her away. Do you know if there’s a good way to take her with me? The drive is going to take approximately 3 or 4 days, with motel stops along the way. Please help. — Kevin F., Shelburne, ON Canada
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Q. My 12 year old cat is on daily medication (Fortekor & Hyper-Y Earspot) for hyperthyroidism & renal failure. I’m hoping to transport her home to the UK from NZ but this is approx 30 hours boarding to final destination, via Singapore. I’ve heard that animal cages are locked on departure & not opened until final destination; if this is correct, would my cat be given her medication during the journey ie on the stopover? If not, what would the effect be of her missing 2 days’ worth of these drugs? Currently she is 6kg, playful & not showing signs of illlness. Thank you so much for your response. This is a brilliant website! — Sahrah M, New Zealand

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