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Bikejoring with Dogs

Bikejoring is a recreational activity with dogs that is best suited in fair weather. Much like dog scootering or canicross, a dog pulls a cyclist. This activity can either be for fun, or some serious bikejorers compete in bikejoring races using one or more dogs.

Sled dogs are sometimes trained in the off-season using the method of bikejoring to exercise their muscles and maintain endurance levels. This is important to the fitness and health of racing dogs.

The most popular breeds for bikejoring include Alaskan and Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds and Pointers, although other strong breeds participate in the sport.

Bikejorers typically use a bungee-type towline that is suspended above the front wheel of the bike by means of a plastic pipe or other device to prevent it from getting tangled in the front wheel. The towline is attached to the dog’s harness that is appropriately designed for pulling without causing injury to the pet.

There are a number of alternative designs that enable a dog to run beside a cyclist with a device that attaches to the bicycle and keeps the dog away from the wheels. This may be better for higher populated areas where more control is needed.

Bikejoring is fun but can also be dangerous. One should only attempt this sport if he or she is a confident cyclist and realizes the speed at which the dog may pull or that a sudden stop or turn could result in a crash or the need to quickly dismount. Dogs can get distracted and decide to give chase to another animal.