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Bicycling with Pets

Pet_bicycle_basket2.jpgBicycling with pets should be done only if you are a comfortable bike rider yourself and you test short jaunts with your pet in advance.

Pet bicycle baskets on the market include handlebar- and fender-mounted products to carry your pet onboard, as well as extensions that mount to a bicycle’s frame or wheel axle to allow pets to run along beside you at a distance.

It’s important for you and your pet to get accustomed any of these products for safe operation and riding.

Follow these tips for bike riding with your pet to have a more enjoyable experience:

  • Always get your pet used to a bicycle basket by placing him or her inside it before you ever mount the carrier to your bike. Once familiar with it, mount the basket securely and gently place your pet inside. Secure the provided tethered leash on the basket to your pet’s harness.
  • Never connect the tethered leash to a pet’s collar. This could cause serious injury to your pet in the event he or she jumps out.
  • To get your pet used to the riding experience, walk beside the bike with your pet in the basket to gauge comfort level.
  • Try short rides at first, reassuring your pet’s safety as you go along.
  • For extension-type mounts that allow pets to run along beside the bike, try initially walking beside the bike with the pet fastened to the extension to see how well he or she responds.
  • Be sure to check out your bike thoroughly for proper tire inflation, chain tension, gear functionality, etc.
  • Obey all posted signs on roads and trails or in parks.