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Dog Parks, RV Parks and Pet-Friendly Campgrounds

List pet-friendly attractions in our directory for free! This is the place to list dog parks, RV parks and pet-friendly campgrounds anywhere in the world! If you know of a good pet-friendly attraction, dog park, RV park or campground that you think others should know about, you can submit it via the link below. Please be sure that you have all of the applicable information to complete the online form, such as the official name of the property, address, contact phone number, website address, policies, etc.

By sharing with others pet-friendly attractions you know about that you or others have enjoyed with pets, you’re helping to create an online directory resource that will be searchable by everyone looking for dog parks, RV parks and pet-friendly campgrounds.

Pet Kennels

We have also had requests for a listing of pet kennels around the world where people who are traveling with their pets can leave their pets when they may be staying with someone who is not necessarily a “pet person.” A pet kennel listing of this type would also be helpful for when you’re traveling with your pet and planning to go on a day trip where your pet may not be welcome. You could drop off your pet for the time you need to be away.

If you have suggestions of pet kennels that will accept pets under these circumstances for short-term stays, fill out the form as usual, but please check the “Other” box under “Attraction Type” on the online form and type “Kennel” in the field.

Thanks for taking part in our pet travel community!

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If you are looking for dog parks in the United States, you can check our Pet-Friendly Attractions directory, or find other dog parks here.